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Cast Iron Stove Top Cookers

Fireside accessories

Ever wanted to utilise the heat given off of your wood burning stove to cook? Well now you can with our great range of cast iron stove top cookers.

We stock three variants - the standard size fits two potatoes, the large fits four & the panini press deos want it says on the tin (iron).

These are so easy to use - Lightly oil your spuds and palce in the casr iron cooker and close the lid. Next place the cooker on the top plate of your stove and leave for two to three hours (time taken may vary). One complete wipe the cast iron cooker with a wet cloth and oil as you would a wok or cast iron pan to season.

Please note that due to their lower surface temperatures these are not suitable for use with boiler stoves, or stoves with convection tops.


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