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20-May-2015 17:32
in General
by Admin

So in the last two posts we have already had the site survey and have made a few decisions on how we’d like the installation to look once completed. We have had a quote and we are happy to proceed!

Now it is time to select the wood burner.

In my inexperienced eyes there seems to be two main themes in stove design - on one side there is the traditional look with ornate castings, decorative elements, arched doors and smaller windows. On the other side super contemporary boxes akin to flat screen televisions. Then of course there are stoves in between that straddle that line. And this is where I believe my favourite designs are, including the Charnwood C5, HETA Inspire 45 and DG Ivar 5.

In the end I left the big decision up to my girlfriend. We (she) went with a stove that I feel sways slightly towards the more traditional school of design - the Stovax Stockton 5. It’s an efficient well built British log burner with a nominal output of around 5kW so we knew it would suit the size of the room fine.

So we're happy with our quotation. We have selected our stove. Now we need to book the installation date(s).

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