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Terms & Conditions


Installation date(s) will be issued once a 50% deposit has been received from the Customer to Embers Bristol Ltd.

Once an installation date has been confirmed either in writing, email or verbally, the Customer enters into a contract with the Company and agrees to all terms and conditions. In no event shall the total liability of Embers Bristol Ltd arising out of or relating to or in connection with this agreement or the subject matter here of exceed the value of this contract.

Postponement may be effected by written notice to info@embersbristol.com before 14 days of the agreed installation date(s). After this time we reserve the right to charge £400.00 per day lost.

Cancellation may be effected by written notice to info@embersbristol.com before 14 days of the agreed installation date(s) with a full refund. After this time we reserve the right to retain the full deposit amount

If the Embers Bristol Ltd, at the Company’s sole decision, cannot complete an installation due to building or structural issues, then the deposit will be refunded to the Customer in full.

Embers Bristol Ltd do not take any responsibility for any underlying issues existing within the property that may be revealed during or after our work has commenced or been completed. For example; damp issues that may come to light after a chamber has been excavated or structural issues within the chimney itself. We will always advise if such issues are noticed during the site survey or preparation work so that the correct professionals may be called in by the customer to rectify any issue in advance of our work being undertaken or continuing.

Embers Bristol will aim to create an aesthetically pleasing installation but take not responsibility when this endeavour is effected by the singularities of the property, fireplace or floor level. Embers Bristol place HETAS & Building regulations above minor aesthtic considerations.

When laying hearths on to a wooden floor we will leave an gap between hearth material and wooden floor surface. Due to the expansion and contraction of wood it is not possible to bond the hearth directly to the wood. We aim for a gap of 4mm (with a tolerance of 2mm). Bear in mind that if the floor is not level this gap will increase depending on the how level the floor is.

Wallpaper / lining paper is considred a combustible material and as such must be removed from the front fascia of the breast in advance of the stove installation date, we will not undertake this work. We would recommend removing it up to half way up the breast. For a cleaner finish - consider removing from the full breast.

The Customer accepts that unavoidable compromises may be necessary during the installation.

Making good does not mean full breast plastering (this can be requested as an optional extra). When making good we will patch fill the disturbed plaster work directly around the chamber (up to halfway up).

Until full payment has been made all materials shall remain the property of Embers Bristol Ltd.

The HETAS certificate of compliance will only be issued once full payment has been made.

We will aim to have any rubble / waste produced during the stove installation, and related works, collected by our sub contracted partner within 7 working days from the installations completion.

We always require the customer to have their chimney swept in advance of the stove installation. We recommend using the HETAS website to find HETAS registered sweeps in your area https://www.hetas.co.uk/find-chimney-sweep/.
If left unswept by a qualified sweep excess soot in the aperture can become dislodged during the liner installation process causing dust and debris to enter the room. Future issues may occur if you have not had the chimney swept including the soot and creosote in the aperture turning to tar due to condensation or a potential moisture ingress. This tar then may run down the liner/aperture and present itself on the stove pipe and stove. This is the homeowners responsibility and we cannot be held responsible for future issues due to an unswept chimney.

Riven slate is a natural material and therefore we cannot guarantee the tone or texture once ordered.

Solid Oak beams are made from real Oak which is a natural material, therefore we cannot guarantee the placement of knots or splits in the wood. The 'level of working' and colour may vary from that which we have displayed as each beam is made bespoke.

Embers Bristol shall be under no liability in respect to blemishes and imperfections in the materials not covered by a manufacturers’ warranty. 

It is the customers responsibility to gain planning permission if required. Any return visits to rectify or remove components or the complete install due to planning not being obtained will incur an extra cost to the customer.

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